What does royalty free mean?

If a composer is not a member of a collecting society, the musical works created by him/her are royalty free. And if the exercise of rights in regard to a musical work is not managed through GEMA, AKM, SUISA and whatever they may be called, completely new freedoms arise for you as music user – and most of all possibilities to save costs.

You will purchase licenses for musical works of IMAtunes for your project onetime, without unexpected follow-up costs. Simple, fast and transparent.

Which license is the right one?

Our License Finder will help you finding the license suiting your project best.
Simply answer the following questions regarding your project.

If you are interested in using our musical works as background music,
e.g. for stores or events, you will find respective quotes directly in our albums.

What do you want to license?

Is your project...

Is your project an inserted advertising (online, TV, radio, cinema)?

Your perfect license:

Commercial License

with the additional option
Inserted Advertising

For your project the commercial license with the additional option "Inserted Advertising" will qualify.

In the next step, please select the appropriate range (regional, national, international) and one or several area(s) of application (TV, online, radio, cinema).

from 129 €
Your perfect license

Commercial License

Then, our commercial license is exactly the right one for your project. You will not have to select any additional options.

59 €
Your perfect license

Private License

Is your project private or at least not commercial (see the samples of use)? Then our private license is like tailor-made for you!

29 €

What does a Project mean?

A project is easy to define in most of the cases. If might be an image-movie, a product-video or an online commercial for example. However, it concerns just one episode of a podcast, a web-video series, or a radio play. One project concerns also one location of a waiting loop or acoustic irradiation.

What to do, if you would like using the same musical work for several episodes or on several locations? In this case, please increase the requested number of the license of the respective musical work in your shopping cart. From the third license on you will get already 5% discount, from the fifth one on 10% and from the tenth one on even 15%.

Do you ask yourself if you will be able to benefit from our discounts even when licensing different musical works for completely different projects? Of course, you will! The scaling is the same!

Samples of Use

Please find below samples of use for our licenses.

Commercial License

  • Music-On-Hold
  • Corporate Film
  • Product Film
  • Exhibition Film
  • P.O.S. Film
  • Radio (no advertising)
  • Documentation
  • Editorial TV
  • IPTV Broadcast
  • Game (commercial)
  • Radio Play (commercial)
  • Audiobook (commercial)
  • App (commercial)
  • Presentation (commercial)
  • Web Radio (commercial)
  • Podcast (commercial)
  • Videocast (commercial)
  • Website (commercial)
  • YouTube Video (commercial)

Commercial License with additional option

  • TV Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Cinema Advertising
  • Internet Advertising

Private License

  • Private Film
  • School Project
  • Study Project
  • Wedding Film
  • Game (noncommercial)
  • Radio Play (noncommercial)
  • Audiobook (noncommercial)
  • App (noncommercial)
  • Presentation (noncommercial)
  • Web Radio (noncommercial)
  • Podcast (noncommercial)
  • Videocast (noncommercial)
  • Website (noncommercial)
  • YouTube Video (noncommercial)
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